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United States
>Terumi: Inspect


You are 8 SWEEPS OLD.
Your Hero Title is the KNIGHT OF BREATH.
You stand at 5'10, and are of medium weight. On a normal day, you wear a long-sleeved unbuttoned TEAL OVERSHIRT that covers a black T-shirt with your symbol emblazoned on it. You also wear black pants, with grey tennis shoes. Your overshirt is also the SAME COLOR AS YOUR BLOOD, which to be specific, is TEAL. Being as such, you are considered HIGH CLASS, even though you don't really flaunt it around.
The horns on top of your head slope backwards on your head almost like a RAM'S HORNS, but without curving into a spiral. Your black hair is combed and slicked back in accordance to your horns as well. It makes you look PRETTY DAMN CLASSY, and some would say handsome to boot. But that's just me tooting your horn.

(More later)

♥: :iconnyokaa-keiara:
♦: N/A
♣: N/A
♠: N/A

Current Residence: Main Lab 1
Favourite genre of music: Contemporary Jazz
Skin of choice: My skin!
You and Static finally got together and took a trip down to the surface of the rain-battered planet that was once called Alternia.  You were there to kill, to slaughter, and to gather the things you needed to finish your project.

It happened in all of its morbid, unbridled glory.  At least six or seven trolls were now dead because of the dangerous combination of Sheolmancy and Chimeras, their blood spilled, their bodies desecrated, their souls torn from the rest they were promised. even Static thinks that your new deck is nothing but evil.


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Nyokaa-Keiara Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2012
[[ I just wanted to say sorry again. I never meant to upset and/or offend you.

T~T ]]
Terumi-Unisol Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2012
(o.o How did you even have the change to upset/offend me? Because you totally didn't. lol)
Nyokaa-Keiara Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2012
[[ ...Oh. I thought I did. ^^; ]]
Nyokaa-Keiara Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012
--sagaciousSerpent [SS] began trolling fortuneTenfold [FT]--

[SS]: ...~
[SS]: ...Terumi...?~
Terumi-Unisol Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2012
[FT]: 7ha7 you...?
[FT]: Oh my god.
[FT]: Nyokaa...I'm so sorry. I lef7 you. I lef7 everyone.
[FT]: A11 for my own selfish gain.
[FT]: Where are you? I wan7 7o see you.

You couldn't believe that you were seeing her screen name pop up on your computer again. It was refreshing, and yet, you were terrified. You were afraid of what was to come from your actions.
Nyokaa-Keiara Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2012
[SS]: I'm...~
[SS]: ...~
[SS]: I don't know where I am, actually.~
[SS]: I feel like sssomething blew up in here.~
[SS]: Actually...judging by the room...~
[SS]: Gah, forget it.~
[SS]: I jussst really want to sssee you.~
[SS]: I'll meet you at the troll bassse, okay?~

--sagaciousSerpent [SS] ceased trolling fortuneTenfold [FT]--

Ow. Your head. You stand up shakily and cough, looking around the room.

Yeeeaaah. You need to find out what happened. But later.

You really needed to see Terumi.

You walk outside, stepping onto a nearby transportalizer and making your way to the troll base.
Static-Sekhmet Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012
--chimerasStrategos [CS] began trolling fortuneTenfold [FT]--
[CS]: terum; ; want to talk to you about mars;a
[CS]: hes be;ng a dumb fuck
[CS]: and ; want your op;n;on on someth;ng,
Terumi-Unisol Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012
[FT]: Oh. Alrigh7.
[FT]: Wha7's on your mind? Wha7's he doing?
Static-Sekhmet Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012
[CS]: hes just be;ng really stup;d about someth;ng,
[CS]: wh;ch ;s say;ng someth;ng because hes USUALLY really stup;d,
Vide-Atzerritarra Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2012
((ignore last comment))
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